Golden Retrievers

Ever since I can remember goldens have been my favorite dogs. Their temperament is perfect for families and kids, and they make excellent companions in the outdoors. My Daisy comes on almost every hike with me, and I’m pretty sure she enjoys it even more than I do - she’s definitely quicker than I am! I’m a firm believer in adopting not shopping, and that every pet owner needs to spay and neuter their animals; there are too many good dogs and cats in the world that need homes. I also believe that one of the most important aspects of dog owning is exercise. Dogs are animals that are built for high intensity work, and so many behavioral problems can be fixed by daily, rigorous exercise! I’ve put some links on here to useful websites related to dogs & golden retrievers.
The official website for “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan. I highly recommend any and all of his books!
A link to the awesome folks at The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
A brief history of the golden retriever breed, from the Golden Retriever Club of America.
A link to another great organization: the Humane Society of the United States.
Important information on exercising with your dog!
Fact sheet with tons of good information on Spaying and Neutering pets, from American Humane.
"Why you Should Spay/Neuter your Pet" from the Humane Society of the US.
Rachael Ray's "Nutrish" dog food - Daisy's favorite!
Tia Torres' Villalobos Rescue Center, from Animal Planet's show "Pit bulls and Parolees." Pit bulls are another one of my favorite!
Puppy information from the American Kennel Club.
Animal Planet's golden retriever breed web page.